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Now storing or carrying heavy files or documents is no more a difficult task, all because of the advent of pen drives. The pen drives have made lives easier with their unmatched capacity to store the vast amount of data. Flipkart offers you the extensive variety of pen drives at the unbeatable price. Hence it is suggested to look after them before making a purchase.

Grab XElectron Purse 4GB PenDrive with 33% Off

flipkart-pendrive-electronLooking for a basic pen drive to store your valuable data? Here’s the deal at Flipkart.com, It presents you the XElectron purse like pen drive at discounted price. This pen drive is compact and can be carried anywhere and along with it covers five years replacement warranty.

Price Details

Real Price      : Rs. 599

Sale Price      : Rs. 399

You Save       : Rs. 200 (33%)

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Avail Up to 12% Discount On Sony Micro Vault 8GB PenDrive

flipkart-pendrive-sonyIf you care more about speed than capacity, then you should go with Sony micro vault 8GB black colored pen drive. This pen drive has clubbed the essence of perfection and quality to suit all the storage needs and keeps the drive safe.

Offer Review

Actual price        : Rs. 330

Deal price            : Rs. 289

Offer                     : 41 (12%)

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SanDisk Cruzer Fit 8 GB Pendrive 80% Offer: Flipkart

flipkart-pendrive-sandiskPrice Features

Original Price    : Rs. 2,600

Buy now for       : Rs. 500

Offer                    : Rs. 2,100 (80%)

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Flat 20% Offer on Kingston Data Traveler 16GB Pen Drive

flipkart-pendrive-kingstonYour Savings

Marginal Price   : Rs. 400

Now                      : Rs. 319

Reduction           : Rs. 81 (20%)

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Take Toshiba TransMemory 32GB Pen Drive @ Offer Price

flipkart-pendrive-toshibaThe Toshiba 32 GB trans memory  USB pen drive may look small, but it has all the space you need to store and share your data whenever you want. Despite the storage of 32GB, this pen drive is compactly designed. Click the button given below to order now!

You can buy it for just Rs. 770
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Never seen Deal on HP 64GB Black Pen Drive

flipkart-pendrive-hpFlipkart provides an exclusive deal on sleek and classy HP pen drive worth 64GB capacity. With 64 GB of storage, it offers plenty of space to store your digital data. This pen drive can be attached to a keychain due to the convenient strap hole.

Pay Just: Rs. 1,649

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Avail Kingston Pen Drive with 10% Off: Only @ Flipkart

flipkart-pendrive-kingWhether you are searching for a pen drive with high storage capacity as well as faster transfer rate. Check Flipkart now, as it presents Kingston ultra-fast read pen drive with 128 GB capacity at the deal price. This means that you can move and store large digital data in just a fraction of the time.

Price Specification

Actual price   : Rs. 2,800

Deal price      : Rs. 2,499

Save up to      : Rs. 301 (10%)

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Snag 21% Discount On PNY Turbo Elite Pen Drive

flipkart-pendrive-pnyCheck Your Offer

Real Cost     : Rs. 8,599

Sale Cost     : Rs. 6,790

Discount     : Rs. 1,809 (21%)

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Wow, Offer! Up to 33% Off on iCare silver 2TB Pen Drive

flipkart-pendrive-icareSelling Price     : Rs. 8,999

Sale as of now  : Rs. 5,999

Offer                  : Rs. 3,000 (33%)

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