Best Flipkart Deals On Women Handbags

Handbags is one of the most functional and hard-working accessories in every women closet. A woman’s handbag can be her signature piece and statement and also adds glamor to her appearance. Just as different clothes are worn for various occasions, bags are also selected to suit different occasions.

If you invest some time in this Flipkart exclusive collection, the  I am sure that you’ll always have the perfect accessory to match any outfit and occasion.

Avail 51% Discount on Butterflies Mustard Shoulder Bag

flipkart-handbag-butterflieHandbags are one of the most favored accessories of most of the women in the world. Hence Flipkart includes this butterflies mustard colored shoulder bag under the deal price. The material of this handbag is good and durable.

Price Review

Original Price  : Rs. 2,699

Deal Price         : Rs. 1,299

Save Up to        : Rs. 1400 (51%)

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Stylish Fostelo Shoulder Bag: Just at Rs. 699

flipkart-handbag-fosteloBuy this Fostelo Contemporary shoulder bag which has been designed to provide a modern look for Women. This handbag is made with rich leather and hence looks pretty nice, even easy to carry in shoulder all the day without any hassle.

Deal of the day

M.R.P.        : Rs.2,299

Sale Price   : Rs.699

You Save    : Rs. 1,600 (69%)

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Take Away 70% Offer on Diana Korr Shoulder Bag

Aflipkart-handbag-dianamong the heap of offers and deals, today Flipkart renders a great deal for this shoulder bag. When buying this handbag, there is no need to bother about the quality since it is from the renowned brand of Diana Korr. Here you can save 70% off the original rate.

Offer Details

Actual Rate : Rs.3,999

Buy For        : Rs.1,199

Savings         : Rs. 2,800 (70%)

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Get Costa Royal Blue Swiss Handheld Bag by Paying Only RS 429

flipkart-handbag-costaDeal View

Actual Price   : Rs. 899

Sale Price       : Rs. 429

You Gained    : Rs. 470 (52%)

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Flat 73% Savings on SSM Hand-Held Black Handbag

flipkart-handbag-ssmCheck Offer Price

Actual Price : Rs 999

Deal Price     : Rs 260

You Saved     : Rs 739 (73%)

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Flipkart Deal: 60% Offer on Wildmoda Shoulder Bag

flipkart-handbag-wildIf you are going to buy a handbag, then Flipkart recommends you to buy this super cool, versatile wildmoda shoulder bag. This handbag will be an essential thing for all who ever travels a lot. This will be a compact one and also capable of holding many things in it.

Look at Your Savings!

Retail Price  : Rs.1,699

Buy For         : Rs.666

Savings         : 1033 (80%)

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Save Up to Rs 900 on Caprese Satchel Peach Handbag

flipkart-handbag-capreseAre you waiting for a great deal on Handbags? Flipkart renders you a deal on awesome peach colored Caprese satchel with 30% savings in your hand. Most of the woman like to have this unique handbag in her wardrobe to stand out from the crowd.

Detail of Deal

Marginal Price  : Rs. 2,999

Offer Price         : Rs. 2,099

In your hand     : Rs. 900 (30%)

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Ultimate 50% Discount on Baggit Brown Shoulder Bag

flipkart-handbag-baggitOffer Details

Before Deal  : Rs. 3,100

After Deal     : Rs. 1,550

You Save       : Rs. 1,550 (50%)

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Snag Up to 70% Offer on Lavie Shoulder Hand Bag

flipkart-handbag-laiveAbout The Price

Original Cost : Rs.3,360

Deal Cost        : Rs. 1,008

You will get saved 70% from its original price!

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