Best Flipkart Deals on Power Banks

Nowadays, everything is going portable, the laptops, mobiles, tablets and much more. Even the Chargers have gone portable, and they are known by the name of Power Banks. People want their smartphones and laptops running round the clock, if you have a power bank means you can make it live and hence it has become the necessity.

When you decided to buy a power bank, then it is important to figure out which store is best to buy. Most people suggest Flipkart, as it houses a variety of power banks at the best affordable rates! In this post we have listed best power banks with the right mix of performance and features, It will help you in opting the right portable power bank for your smartphone.

Purchase Motorola Slim Power Pack @ 72% offer

flipkart-powerbanks-motorolaMotorola, the branded firm offers a great deal on Power Banks, it is an essential one for smartphones. This power bank has a charging competency of 5100mAh which can fulfill the need of the users. It also comes with the one-year onsite warranty.

Price Details

Actual Price        : Rs. 3,999

Deal Price            : Rs. 1,099

Save                      : Rs. 2,900 (72%)

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Save 53% On Lenovo 13000 mAh Power Bank

flipkart-powerbanks-lenovoFlipkart introduces 53% discount on sleek and stylish Lenovo power bank. This power bank ensures that your mobile phone don’t run out of charge while traveling. Also, it is designed with indicative LEDs to show the charging and discharging status.

Check Your Offer

Original price      : Rs. 2,999

Our price             : Rs. 1,399

Offer                     : Rs. 1,600 (53%)

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Get The Compact Intex Power Bank with 56% Discount

flipkart-powerbanks-intexIf you use your smartphone to get a majority of your work done, then the chances of it running out of charge are high. Hence it is recommended to purchase Intex 12500mAh power bank at unseen 58% deal price only from Flipkart.

What You Save?

Actual price        : Rs. 2,400

Now                      : Rs. 1,049

Offer                     : Rs. 1,351 (56%)

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Catch 50% Offer on Ambrane Power Bank (Black)

flipkart-powerbanks-ambraneThe ambrane power bank is fashionable and portable one designed with charging capacity of 16000mAh. When compared to another power bank this product is lightweight and so that you can easily carry it in your handbag/pocket.

Offer Review

MRP      : Rs. 2,599

Now      : Rs. 1,299

Save      : Rs. 1,300 (50%)

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Pick Up to 11% Savings on Asus Zen Power Bank

flipkart-powerbanks-asusAre you looking out for a handy as well as a smart power bank to carry around wherever you need? You can buy the Asus Zen 10050mAh pink colored power bank.  Its design makes it modish and hence allure the customers at first look.

Your Savings

Actual rate          : Rs. 2,499

Offer rate            : Rs. 2,200

Save up to           : Rs. 299 (11%)

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Flat 24% Deal on Sony 20000 mAh Power Bank

flipkart-powerbanks-sonyDiscount Review

Real Price            : Rs. 7,500

Sale price            : Rs. 5,699

Discount              : Rs. 1,801 (24%)

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Grab Mi 10000mAh Power Bank @ Offer price

flipkart-powerbanks-miMi is an another good product which should be considered when buying a power bank that last much longer. With a battery capacity of 10000mAH,  this product can easily charge your device around 4-5 times in a go

Pay Just Rs. 1,299 to avail this offer!

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Steal Xuperb White & Black Power Bank with 73% Off

flipkart-powerbanks-xuperbTake a Look at Price

Original Price      : Rs. 2,990

Discount price    : Rs. 799

Save                      : Rs. 2,191 (73%)

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Fascinating 50% Deal on Syska Power Bank: Only @ Flipkart

flipkart-powerbanks-syskaHow Much You Save

M.R.P                  : Rs. 1,799

Discount Price   : Rs. 899

Offer Up to     : Rs. 900 (50%)

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