Best Flipkart Deals On Keyboards

It doesn’t matter whether your keyboard has typed its last letter or you are not much satisfied with your old one. Whatever the reason is, you will need a better keyboard. After all, Keyboards come in many varieties.

Picking the best keyboard for your needs is tough as everyone have different opinions, but there are a few models that stand out above the rest. And the best place to buy them is Flipkart. You know among the various fabulous deals on Flipkart, keyboards have huge sale and discounts.  Here are a few keyboards to look for!

Snag Up To 14%  on Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Flipkart-Keyboard-logitechWhen talking about Wireless Keyboard, the name of Logitech keyboard comes to the forefront. The keyboard is sleek in design, and hence the size of the keyboard is smaller than the others. This keyboard is good to buy as you can fit it in any place.

Look at the Price

Original cost   : Rs. 1,645

Deal Cost         : Rs. 1,399

Savings            : Rs. 246 (14%)

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Fab 38% Deal On Rapoo Wireless Laptop Keyboard

Flipkart-Keyboard-rappoIf you are having issues of space, then the Rapoo wireless laptop keyboard will be the perfect product for you. No matter how small the table top space is, you can feel comfortable typing. This combo pack contains mouse and keyboard.

Offer Review

Before Sale  : Rs. 1,299

After Sale    : Rs. 799

You Save      : Rs. 500 (38%)

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Steal 20% Discount on Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth Keyboard

Flipkart-Keyboard-microsoftMicrosoft is a reputed name in the sector of computer peripherals, and now they have come up with an incredible offer on mobile Bluetooth laptop keyboard. This keyboard has the warranty span around three years.

Your Savings

Real Price           : Rs. 4,999

Discount Price  : Rs. 3,999

Savings               : Rs. 1000 (20%)

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Buy HP Classic Wired Keyboard & Mouse Combo @ 24% OFF

Flipkart-Keyboard-hpLook at the Offer

No Need to Pay : Rs. 2,099

Pay Just              : Rs. 1,588

You Can Save    : Rs. 511 (24%)

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Bargain Up to 22% Rebate on Amkette Wireless Laptop

Flipkart-Keyboard-amketteOffer Details

Market Price   : Rs. 1,295

Buy For Only   : Rs.999

Rebate               : Rs. 296 (22%)

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Mega Offer: Up to 25% On Dell Wired USB Keyboard

Flipkart-Keyboard-dellPrice Specification

Original Price  : Rs. 799

Deal Price         : Rs. 599

Offer You Get   : Rs. 200 (25%)

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Exclusive Sale on Lenovo Keyboard and Mouse Combo @ Flipkart

Flipkart-Keyboard-lenovoSee How Much You Save

MRP  : Rs. 799

Sale    : Rs. 749

Save   : Rs. 50 (6%)

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Avail 36% Savings on Logitech Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard

Flipkart-Keyboard-logitech1If you are looking forward a keyboard for your mobile and tablet, you can settle with Logitech Bluetooth keyboard. This handheld keyboard used Bluetooth technology, and it is designed to support Windows, Mac, Android and IOS.

Price Review

Actual Rate : Rs. 2,995

Offer Rate   : Rs. 1,899

Discount     : Rs. 1,096 (36%)

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Enjoy with 44% Offer on HOC Ultra Slim USB Keyboard

Flipkart-Keyboard-hocThe Hoc ultra-thin and flexible keyboard presents a convenient keyboard solution for travelers. The full layout keyboard is lightweight which allow high comfort level portable usage.  With waterproof and a durable build, it’s designed to provide convinient for the needs of users.

Before Deal      : Rs. 899

After Deal         : Rs. 499

In Your Hand  : Rs. 400 (44%)

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