Best Amazon Deals on Water Purifier

Regardless of how clean your water look, there is no assurance that it is pure and clean and hence every home need a water purifier. While getting a water purifier for home people often get confused as there are many water purifiers brand available in India. Here is the top list from the popular store Amazon which will guide you in getting the perfect choice for your home.

Get HUL Pureit Advanced Water Purifier @ Deal Price

amazon-water-purifier-huvAmazon comes with an alluring deal on HUL pureit advanced water purifier which is the must have one for every home. This handy device automatically detects hardness of water level and applies the best technique to provide purified water.

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Original Price      : Rs. 3,300

Deal Price            : Rs. 3,010

Save                      : Rs. 290 (9%)

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Save Up to 17% on Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

amazon-water-purifier-eurekaIf you are looking for UV water purifier, then this purifier from Eureka Forbes can be your best choice. This water purifier can ensure giving you water for a long time and hence it is safe for home use, and it is also in the budget as well.

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Actual price        : Rs. 6,499

Deal Price            : Rs. 5,389

You Save              : Rs. 1,110 (175)

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Take 17% Offer on A.O Smith RO Water Purifier

amazon-water-purifier-aoEveryone should consider installing this A.O Smith RO water purifier at home because the tidy water contains many harmful bacteria and viruses. This purifier from A.O Smith looks good in design and also has a strong body it will make your kitchen shine.

Price Details

Regular Price      : Rs. 16,750

Sale Price             : Rs. 13,900

Save up to           : Rs. 2,850 (17%)

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Buy Kent Grand+ RO+UV Water Purifier @ Offer Price

amazon-water-purifier-kentOffer Review

Original Price      : Rs. 19,000

Offer Price          : Rs. 15,774

Save up to           : Rs. 3,226 (17%)

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Amazing Deal on AquaGuard Reviva Water Purifier

amazon-water-purifier-aquaBuy Now for       : Rs. 12,449

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Take Tata Swach Non-Electric Water Purifier @ 11% Offer

amazon-water-purifier-tataDo you want a low-cost water purifier without the use of electricity? You can buy this amazing tata swach non-electric gravity based water purifier. This smart water purifier also has a convenient and easy storage that can store up to 7.5 liters.

You Can Save

Real Price            : Rs. 1,349

Offer Price           : Rs. 1,199

You Save              : Rs. 150 (11%)

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Buy Livpure PEP Star Water Purifier at 26% Discount

amazon-water-purifier-livpureThe Livpure PEP star is a perfect and stylish RO+UV+UF water purifier that is specially designed for luxury homes. The best part of the purifier is that it has seven stage purification processes to serve you the purest form of drinking water.

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MRP                      : Rs. 16,390

Sale Price             : Rs. 12,150

On your hand    : Rs. 4,240 (26%)

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Get 17% Savings on Blue Star standard Water Dispenser

amazon-water-purifier-blueThe Blue star standard water dispenser contains up to 3 temperature taps – Hot, Plain and cold. Also, it comes with one year warranty.

Price Details

Original price      : Rs. 10,900

Discount price   : Rs. 8,999

Save                      : Rs. 1,901 (17%)

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