Amazon Shoes Clearance Sale for Men & Women

A shoe for men and women are quite hard to find and it is also tough to find the optimal shop. And luckily Amazon is the most favoured online store with huge trusted brands that covers all type of shoes you needed. They offer exhaustive collection of shoes from many brands like puma, bata, adidas, rebook, crocs, woodland and many.

Why to shop from Amazon? delivers you tremendous number of shoes with stylish gaze and high comfort level and they provides best shoes for you with variety in prices. Besides this they also render amazing deals and discounts so, be cheerful and shop your relevant shoes right now! ūüėÄ

Shoe is the one of the basic necessities of men in which they need shoes to be durable, stylish, comfort and reliable. Amazon in the sense helps you to pick perfect shoes for the perfect men. You can easily choose the shoes that suits you based on the comfort and style with in your price list.

Best Shoes Under Rs 500

Save 72% on Party Wear Shoepartyshoe

Amazon offers you incredible deal on party wear shoe from the trust worthy brand essence. This black colored shoe best suits you in stylish jean and tshirt. This pair of shoe comes in handy with affordable price proving smooth platform.

Price Details:

Original Price : Rs. 999

Deal Price        : Rs.278

Savings            : Rs. 721 (72%)

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Earton Men’s (Blue & Black) Canvas Sneakers

eartonshoesOffer details:

Marginal Price  : Rs. 999

Buy for   : Rs. 348

You save  : Rs. 651 (65%)

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Scatchite Boxer Casual Shoe (Black) ‚Äď Rs 298


Price details:

Actual Price : Rs. 499

Offer price   : Rs. 298

Savings : Rs. 201 (40%)

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Handpicked shoes Rs 500 to Rs 1000

Snag 40% on Xpose Ranger Running Shoes

Your savings:xposeshoe

Original Price: Rs. 1,499

Deal Price: Rs. 897

Save up to: Rs. 602 (40%)

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Puma Unisex Canvas Sneakers CAT 3 DP

This stunning casual lace-up shoe from Puma comes in high risk red color with white and pea coat finish and it comes with 90 days manufacturer warranty.

Price Details:pumashoes

MRP: Rs.2,499

Buy: Rs.999

Save: Rs. 1,500

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Globalite Men’s Casual Brogue Shoesslobaliteshoe

Step in to the world with your favourite shoes with the extensive and splendid collection from Amazon .

Offer Review:

Market Price: Rs. 1,499

Deal Price: Rs. 699

You Save: Rs. 800(53%)

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Perfect Shoes from Rs 1000 to Rs 2000

Fb Casual Leather Shoes at Just Rs.1,099

Your savings:fbshoe

Actual Rate: Rs.1,699

Deal Rate: Rs.1,099

Savings: Rs. 600 (35%)

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See and Wear Genuine Leather Casual Shoes

Are yoseeand wearu heading to any interview or bussiness meet then this casual shoe is perfect for you and it suits you in all type of clothings.

and features.

Offer Review

Original Price :Rs.3,499

Buy for: Rs. 1,295

Savings: Rs. 2,204 (63%)

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Classy Shoes Above Rs 2000

Buy Puma Men’s Mesh Running Shoes with 60% Off


Your Savings:

Market Price: Rs. 5,999

Sale Price      : Rs. 2,399

Save                : Rs.3,600

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Men’s Running Shoes from Reebok


You can Save:

M R P : Rs.3,499

Buy      : Rs.2,099

Save     : Rs.1,400

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Women needs classy, style and femininity in shoes with huge range of colors and for this Amazon presents you an outstanding fusion of shoes which keeps you mesmerized on every step you walk. Just pick a shoe from Amazon and flourish your feminine look.

Prime Shoes Under Rs 500

TRV Women’s Canvas Bellies - Rs 299trvvs

Select this trendy pair of shoe from amazon to get stylish and charming look. This shoes gives you comfort because of its high qualified leather material.This is the most preferred product in amazon with 4.3 star rating.

Price              : Rs.299

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Women’s Mesh Running Shoes (PINK)


Price              : Rs. 499

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Lancer Beige Synthetic Sneakers @ Rs 349

lancer shoePrice              : Rs. 349.00

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Hand Picked Shoes from Rs 1000

Charming Nell Women’s Velvet Bootsnellshoe

Price      : Rs.714.00

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Puma Unisex Limnos CAT 3 DP Canvas Sneakers


Price      :Rs. 999

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Up to 70% Off on Decathlon Shoes


Shop the best rated decathlon mesh running shoes from Amzon and get 70% discount.This shoe is the one of the women's favourite.

Offer Details

original Price        : Rs.2,499

List Price            : Rs. 749

Save upto            : Rs. 1,750(70%)

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Stylish shoes from Rs 1000 to Rs 2000

Converse Unisex Red Canvas Sneakers

Price details:


Actual rate     : Rs.1,599

Deal Price      : Rs.1,119

Savings          : Rs.480(30%)

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Fila Women’s Serene Rubber Running Shoes

Price details:fila

Actual Price        : Rs.2,499

Buy For            : Rs.1,249(50%)

Save upto            : Rs.1,250

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Puma Unisex Yacht Cvs Canvas Sneakers

Puma unisex shoes provunisexides you comfort foot stride with durable quality and buy this shoe for its eye catching look and outstanding performance.

Price      : Rs.1,199

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Exclusive Shoes Rs 2000+

Save 40% on Skechers Running Shoes

Your Savings:

sketchersMarket Price  : Rs.5,999

Sale Price       : Rs.3,599.40(40%)

You Save         : Rs.2,399.60

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ASICS Women’s  Mesh Running Shoes 

This high classy mesh running shoes keep your foot safe and it is perfect one for sports.

asicsPrice              : Rs.6,824

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