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When you are always on traveling, the thing you want to be with you all the time is, of course, your smartphone. For those, getting a portable power bank for your device can be a major help to ensure long hours of mobile phone usage. On certain occasions, it can be a life saver too.

Before you shell out your huge savings on buying the power bank online. You should be sure to take a look at the famous online store Amazon. The good news is the Amazon covers power banks with a broad range of brands and even present them with deals and discount. In this post also, we have included such deals that you need the most. Hope you find your desired one.

Get Max 60% Discount @ Intex 11000mAH Power Bank

amazon-powerbanks-intelThe Intex durable and feature rich power bank is a good investment if you often face low or dying battery issues. This PB has a super-sized 11000mAh battery that will ensure that you can have many recharges without much hassle.

Check Your Deal:

Market Price  : RS. 2,300

Sale Price       : Rs. 929

Savings           : Rs. 1,371 (60%)

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Avail Sony Power Bank with Polymer Battery for Just Rs. 444

amazon-powerbanks-sonyIf you are searching the best travel buddy for your smartphone? The Sony power bank made with long lasting polymer battery is the better choice. This device features 3000mAH battery power. You could experience the many benefits of this product if you choose to buy it online from Amazon.

Offer Details

MRP       : Rs. 1,419

Buy For  : Rs. 444

Save        : Rs. 975 (69%)

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Exciting Sale: 75% Offer on iZAP Portable Ultra Slim Power Bank

amazon-powerbanks-izapKeep your phone charges all the time, even in traveling using this izap ultra slim handheld power bank. This portable device includes a high-grade lithium polymer battery that lasts longer. It also comes with a capacity of 5000mAH to provide enough power to recharge your phone/tablet.

Deal Review

Original Cost  : Rs. 1,999

Sale Cost          : Rs. 500

You Save          : Rs. 1,499 (75%)

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Flat 60% Off on Ambrance Power Bank (White and Blue)


Price Details

Selling Price  : Rs. 2,499

Offer Price     : Rs. 999

You Save        : Rs. 1,500(60%)

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Enjoy 66% Savings on Adata PT100 10000mAH Power Bank


Your Savings

Market Price  : Rs. 2,499

Sale Price        : Rs. 849

You Save         : Rs. 1,650 (66%)

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Intex Power Bank 2000mAH Exclusive @ Deal Price

amazon-powerbanks-intexWhatever adventure comes your way, this power pack keeps your smartphone fully charged. This device helps you charge all your tech gadgets, including smartphone and tablets, on the go. With the greater flexibility of compact design it makes you carry it anywhere and anytime.

You Can Save

MRP            : Rs. 699

Sale Price   : Rs. 269

Discount     : Rs. 430 (62%)

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Purchase Lenovo PB1410 5000mAh Power Bank with 61% Offer

amazon-powerbanks-lenovoAmazon offers a stylish and efficient power bank from the leading brand Lenovo. This Lenovo power bank has a power packed capacity of 5000mAh. This super slim power bank protects your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

Deal of the Day

List Price  : Rs. 2,499

Sale Price  : Rs. 980

Savings      : RS. 1,519 (61%)

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Steal 50% Discount on COOLNUT 20000mAH Power Bank

amazon-powerbanks-coolnutAmazon presents you nearly 50% discount on self, and reliable COOLNUT branded power bank. This power bank is perfect for using on traveling and outdoor activities. Aside from charging, it comes with built-in LED flashlight which will be more helpful in darkness and low light environments

Look at Your Savings

Actual Rate  : Rs. 3,999

Deal Rate     : Rs. 1,999

Save Up to    : Rs. 2,000 (50%)

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