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If you have decided that it’s time to replace your old refrigerator, you need to be familiar with the market to figure out what you need as the options abound. You know refrigerators have come a long way from being strictly a necessity luxury item for every people of the world.

In Amazon, you get a whole range of added features, improved technology, and style that speaks for your status. Read this post further to unravel all the things you need to know in the refrigerator and the best lightning deals of the fridge from Amazon.

Steal 21% Offer on Whirlpool Neo Double Door Refrigerator

amazon-refrigerators-whirlpoolWhirlpool Neo is a fantastic cooler with the ultimate blend of appearance and performance that can hold up to 245 liters. This refrigerator offers striking features which are enhanced with frost free mode and 6th sense deep freeze technology.

Your Savings

Market Price  : Rs. 24,750

Deal Price       : Rs. 19,499

You can save up to Rs. 5,251 (21%) with this incredible deal!

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Take 16 % Off on Samsung Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

amazon-refrigerators-samsungWhile purchasing a refrigerator, it is essential to examine all its features to see if it is worth the price. The Samsung double door is a dynamic fridge that is packed with several advanced features like digital inverter technology. Also, it offers high value for money.

Price Review

Actual Rate   : Rs. 28,500

Deal Rate      : Rs. 23,840

Discount        : Rs. 4,660 (16%)

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Best to Buy: Kenstar Silky Grey Single Door Refrigerator

amazon-refrigerators-kenstarTake a Look at Price!

Selling Price      : Rs. 7,450

Discount Price  : Rs. 6,490

In your hand     : Rs.  960 (13%)

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Purchase LG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator @ Deal Rate

amazon-refrigerators-lgCheck the Price

List Price    : Rs. 15,850

Buy For       : Rs. 13,990

Save Up to  : Rs. 1,860 (12%)

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Snag 9% Discount on Godrej 212 Ltrs Single Door Refrigerator

amazon-refrigerators-godrejAmazon comes with the surprising deal on direct cool single door refrigerator from the renowned brand Godrej. The bright wine spring color provides high glossy shine along with a royal look. It has a turbo chill mode for the instant cooling of beverages in parties.

Offer Details

M.R.P       : Rs. 22,390

Just Pay   : Rs. 20,370

You Save  : Rs. 2,020 (9%)

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Best Ever Sale: Up to 23% On Haier Multi-Door Refrigerator

amazon-refrigerators-haierLook at your Deal

Market Price       : Rs. 37,000

Exclusive Price   : Rs. 29,459

You can Save      : Rs. 7,541 (23%)

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Save Rs 1000 on Sansui 190 Litres Single Door Refrigerator

amazon-refrigerators-sansuiAbout The Deal

Market Price   : Rs. 11,290

Sale Price        : Rs. 10,290

You Save         : Rs. 1,000 (9%)

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Enjoy 22% Savings on Videocon Direct Cool Refrigerator

amazon-refrigerators-videoconThe Videocon silver hairline colored direct cool refrigerator is an ideal choice, if you are looking for a fridge that is portable and pocket-friendly. From the date of purchase, the manufacturer gives you a one-year warranty on product and compressor.

You Can Save

Original Cost : Rs. 8,490

Offer Cost       : Rs. 6,600

Save Up to      : Rs. 1,890 (22%)

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Buy LG Side by Side Refrigerator (Platinum Silver): 18% OFF

amazon-refrigerators-lgsideNowadays, side by side door refrigerators are increasingly becoming popular, and the LG fridge is a perfect example why this is turning into a trend.  The LED display comes in the exterior to explicit freezing at your fingertips. It is a great addition for home which needs an efficient and reliable form of cold storage.

Price Details

Before Deal : Rs. 84,000

After Deal    : Rs. 68,800

Discount      : Rs. 15,200 (18%)

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