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In today’s world, indoor air is often much more polluted than the air outside, since we spend most of our time indoors these days. The exposure to sick and unclean air puts our health at risk from some ailments, including allergies, asthma, etc.

Hence, air purifiers is a great option if you want to give your family a fresh and clean air. As you have decided to buy an air purifier, then consider shopping at Amazon as it helps you in finding the right appliance for your needs. Here is some best air purifier from Amazon which is best to invest!

Bargain Up to 22% Savings on Philips White Air Purifier

amazon-airpurifier-philipsHere is a great deal on Philips air purifier which results in effective and efficient air purification for a long time. It is made with advanced technology to adjust the fan and lights automatically for a comfortable sleep.

Check the Price

Actual Price        : Rs. 11,995

Sale Price             : Rs. 9,303

Rebate                  : Rs. 2,692 (22%)

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Maximum 22% Savings on Atlanta Health Care Air Purifier

amazon-airpurifier-atlantaYou can now ensure healthy and pure air around you with Atlanta HealthCare air purifier. This device helps you in keeping the indoor dust free with 7 stage air purification technology. You can get this at offer price only from Amazon.

Your Savings

Original cost       : Rs. 14,950

Deal Cost             : Rs. 11,960

Savings                 : Rs. 2,990 (20%)

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Grab Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier with 26% offer

amazon-airpurifier-honeyAre you looking for an air purifier for your car at an affordable price? Don’t worry; Amazon has come with an alluring deal on high-grade Honeywell car air purifier.

About the Deal

Selling Price       : Rs. 7,990

Discount Price   : Rs. 5,899

You Save              : Rs. 2,091 (26%)

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Alluring 29% Deal on Panasonic Black Air Purifier

amazon-airpurifier-panasonicKeep your environment healthy and fresh ever time by getting this super cool air purifier from the brand Panasonic. It contains 3D circulation airflow with nano purification and also it covers one year warranty on products and three years warranty on filters

Price Details

MRP      : Rs. 19,995

Buy        : Rs. 14,294

Save      : Rs. 5,701 (29%)

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Mega Deal on Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Air Purifier

amazon-airpurifier-eurekaBring home the stylish and ergonomically designed air purifier by the Eureka Forbes. This air purifier has a smart remote control system that let you manage your settings easily. Ideal for home and small offices.

Your Savings

Real Price            : Rs. 17,999

Sale Price             : Rs. 14,598

You Save              : Rs. 3,401 (19%)

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Snag 28% Discount on Kent Zone Room Air Purifier

amazon-airpurifier-kentOffer Review

Actual Rate         : Rs. 3,000

Buy It For             : Rs. 2,150

Save Up to          : Rs. 850 (28%)

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Attractive 56% Discount on Oster Air Purifieramazon-airpurifier-oster

See How Much You Save

Before Deal        : Rs. 7,995

After Deal           : Rs. 3,495

You Save              : Rs. 4,500 (56%)

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Amazon Exclusive: Sharp Air Purifier @ Deal Price

amazon-airpurifier-sharpSafeguard your family’s health by getting home this sharp air purifier today exclusively from Amazon. Due to advanced purification technology and aesthetic design, the sharp air purifier is a must have one in every home.

Pay Just Rs. 7,999

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