Amazon App Treasure Hunt Answers Every 15 Mins

amazon app treasure huntAmazon Treasure Hunt is the Yearly offer, which lets you to purchase any products at Rs.1 across the website. The Amazon event has started at 8AM, 22 December 2015 to 8PM, and it will end at 23 December 2015 valid only on the Amazon mobile app with new clues of every 15 minutes. Amazon Treasure Hunt is quite simple, you just need to guess the correct answer for the question which was given in the mobile app.

Christmas App Treasure Hunt Clue Answers 22 December Starting 8 AM
8 AM Clue Answer: PNY BE-520 5200mAH Power Bank (White)
>Blockbuster Clue Answer:Indulekha hair oil bottle selfie 100ml
8.15 AM Clue Answer: Ekya Yoga Mats
8.30 AM Clue Answer: Preethi Elda Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove
9 AM Clue Answer: Asura :Tale Of Vanquished
9.15 AM Clue Answer:Joe Black Aviater Sunglasses
9.30 AM Clue Answer: Wonderchef Celebration Set Blue,Rage Yo Dual Sim(GSM+GSm) Loudspeaker Mobile with Auto call Recorder Black(No Charger No Handsfree)

9.45 AM Clue Answer: Ava Traditional Jewellery Set
10.00 AM Clue Answer: Swiss military pen
10.15 AM Clue Answer: Cadbury
10.30 AM Clue Answer: AMkette Evo GAMepad,Maxima Watch
10.45 AM Clue Answer: Phillips Hair Dryer &Straightner
11.00 AM Clue Answer: The DrAMatic Decade:The Indira Gandhi Years,Karcher WD1-MV 11000 Vaccum Cleaner
11.15 AM Clue Answer: Home Candy Floral double Bedsheet
11.30 AM Clue Answer: Sandisk Stick Flash Drive 16 Gb,Phillips BRE-200
11.45 AM Clue Answer: Casa Basics Set Of two Cushions
12 PM Clue Answer: Mrs funny Bones,Nokia 225
12.15 PM Clue Answer: Lakme absolute pout pink Sorbet

12:30 PM  –  Clue : What’s the top race lap time? Yang Yuanqing Says 1+5 = 6

Answer : Lenovo G50-45 80E301UFIN 15.6 inch Laptop (AMD A8 6410/4GB/1TB/DOS/Integrated Graphics), Black
12.45 PM Clue Answer: HAMleys 3D tri color markers activity kit

1.00 PM   –  Clue – Living legend in cinema, few know of his gaming achievements. Godfather of Barrymore and Paltrow

Answer : Steven Speilberg’s Director Collection
1.15 PM Clue Answer: Phillips Bt 1005 Trimmer
1.30 PM : Clue : A Roman Painter paints ‘CXC’ on a piece of Parchment

Answer :  Micromax Canvas A190 8Gb
1.45 PM Clue Answer: VlCC Fruit Facial Kit

2 PM  –  Clue :  Say No to snow! Ir’s 5:35 and already too dark.

Answer :  Lumia 535
2.15 PM Clue Answer: Borosil froggy light set 2 peices

2.30 PM   –  Clue  : Sam led the chorus and sang so well that everyone had a 32 teeth smile on their faces

Answer : Samsung 32 inch LED TV

2.45 PM Clue Answer: Tom and jerry Combo Set

3.00 PM  –  Clue  :  You are invited to the fiesta at salina but unscramble the location before starting off

Answer  :  Inalsa Fiesta  650 Watt Food Processor,Nokia 130

3.15 PM –  Clue Answer: Maxima Ego Analog Black Dial Watch E-337411PAGC

3: 30 PM – Clue :  This is for those who do and proudly wear Andrew’s Jersey

Answer – Lennovo Ideapad 100 80 MH0080IN 100 800mh 14 inch
3.30 PM Clue Answer: Love In The Time Of Cholera,Lenovo ideapad
3.45 PM Clue Answer: Borosil froggy light set 2 peices
4.00 PM Clue Answer: Story@home comforter,Django Unchained
4.15 PM Clue Answer: Maxima Uber Collection Analog Multi Color Watch
4.30 PM Clue Answer: Polar loop Activity Tracker,Unaccustomed earth
4.45 PM Clue Answer: Borosil Large Nickel Diffuser
5.00 PM Clue Answer: Cannon Power Shot sX 610, A Gathering Of friends My Favorite Stories
5.15 PM Clue Answer: Maxima Uber
5.30 PM Clue Answer: Micromax Canvas P480 Tablet (8GB, WiFi, 3G, Voice Calling), Blue
5.45 PM Clue : If Sanjay Kapoor prescribed medicines, then this would be it!

Answer :  Borosil akhand diya large

6:00 PM  –  Clue : Always ready to save power rewards you with extra charge

Answer 1:   Li-Ning G-Tek 58 Badminton Racquet

Answer 2:   Eveready Base B22D 9-Watt LED Bulb (Pack of 2, Cool Day Light) with Free 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries

6.15 PM – Answer : Maxima Uber 35705PALI

6.30 PM – Clue : Mr.Parker got you lots of gifts! Go for the best ones and set the ball rolling.

Answer 1: Parker Luxory Gift Set – Vector GT (Roller Ball + Ball Pen)

Answer 2: Maxima Ego Analog White Dial Women’s Watch with Laxmi Ganesh Idol and a Greeting Card Combo – (E-01454COMBO)

06:45 PM Answer: Adidas Skipping Rope

07:00 PM Answer 1: Philips dvd player usb 2.0 dvp 3618/94

Answer 2: captain Phillips

07:15 PM Clue : A Family of 8 Organisers love

Answer : Packnbuy 5 in 1 Grey Travel Bag Organizer

07:30 PM Answer : Timex TW5k94100

07:45 PM Clue : American Company Synonymous with an English market town


Day 2 December 23, 2015 Live Updates for every 15 mins


8 AM Clue: Your own style of revenge in the city of Chicago!
Blockbuster Clue: At the center of Milky Way, there are no shadesof grey. Sing along and make the right choice.
Answer: Watch Dogs (PC), Samsung Galaxy Core 2 White

8:15 AM Clue:Red or Blue – make a choice! But with your feet this time…
Answer: Story Home Doormat, Creative SBS A120, Sennheiser HD180

8:30 AM Clue: Image
Blockbuster Clue: Y make it an academic project at MIT when it’s just a child’s play twice over!
Answer: Maxima E-Go Attivo Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – E-36663PAGC, Makey Makey – An invention kit for everyone

8:45 AM Clue: Tatooine, Hoth, Endor, Buxar, Plassey, Kannauj
Answer: Star wars battlefront PS 4

9:00 AM Clue: Before jumping from an Airplane, parachute shout
Blockbuster Clue: Loud Music in ’94
Answer: Geronimo Stilton Se #2, Philips HTD5520

9:15 AM Clue: Browline, Cateye, Rectangular
Answer: Disney sunglasses

9:30 AM Clue: Image
Blockbuster Clue: Frederick didn’t think of Movember
Answer: Intex Eco 102 E, Philips AT620 shaver

9:45 AM Clue: -17.22 celsius + RYb
Answer: FA-2000-C2

10:00 AM Clue: Image
Blockbuster Clue: From 18 to 1200 – the path will always delight you
Answer: The Book of Souls, Canon EOS 1200D 18MP

10:15 AM Clue: Image
Answer: WIPRO GARNET B22-7

10:30 AM Clue: With practice an ophthalmologist will become a
Blockbuster Clue: I’m not in danger, I am the danger
Answer: Breaking Bad Season 1-6

10:45 AM Clue: Invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield, they comfort us to this day.
Answer: UnibicFestive Cookies 500 grams

11:00 AM Clue: Image
Blockbuster Clue: The ‘ exalted’ one who chose the red pill
Answer:The Night Train at Deoli and other Stories, Samsung Grand Neo Midnight Black

11:15 AM Clue: The solution to the 5 O’clock shadow
Answer: Phillips QT 4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer

11:30 AM Clue: 27×4, 12×9, 18×6, 2 SIM
Blockbuster Clue: What do Meg Whitman and Nicholas Sparks have in common
Answer: Nokia 108, HP NoteBook 15-ac118tu 15.6 inch

11:45 AM Clue: Image
Answer: Cello Flask 500 ml

12:00 PM Clue: Sometimes, the treasure is right where you began
Blockbuster Clue: y Son are you such a player?…
Answer: The Alchemist, Sony Player

12:15pm Clue Answer: Borosil Medium Nickel

12:30 PM Clue : Ramlal hates it when you watch Cartoon Network

Blockbuster Clue : Lighter than feather, the second version is a sweet sixteen that can talk
Answer 1 : Apple Ipad Air 2 (Space Grey, 16Gb, Wifi + Cellular)
Answer 2 : Dilwale – Deluxe Edition

12:45 PM  clue answer :  VLCC Pedicure and Manicure Kit

01:00 PM Clue : With this, You an cross but not erase. An evergreen gift
Blockbuster clue : The Mexican Titanium will help you get over the weekend blu
Answer1: Parker Luxory Gift Set – Vector GT (Roller Ball + Ball Pen) Set
Answer2: Timex weekender blue

01:00pm Clue Answer1: Parker Luxory Gift Set – Vector GT (Roller Ball + Ball Pen) Set

Answer2: Timex weekender blue

01:15pm Clue Answer: maxima ego sunglasses

01:30pm Clue Answer: celestron land and sky telescope at 1499

01:45pm Clue Answer: Philips KeraShine Hp8316

02:00pm Clue Answer2: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

02:30pm Clue Answer2: sid meier civilization:beyond earth bundle

02:45pm Clue Answer: Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor

03:15pm Clue Answer: Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6421/00, Legs & Body

03:30pm Clue Answer1: Lenovo 10400mAH Power Bank (White)

Answer2: Scion of Ikshvaku (Collector’s Edition)- Personally Signed by Amish

4:00 PM Clue: If death narrated a story, it would talk about..
Blockbuster Clue: Can you C the titanium that’s going five times fast…
Answer: Karbonn Titanium Machfive

04:15pm Clue Answer: Lakme Absolute Kajal

4:30 PM Clue: Unless you are Frozen, we believe that you uncover the shield…
Blockbuster Clue: Save the fight for next year and just play safe for now..
Answer: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu Ray, WWE 2K16 PS4

04:45pm Clue Answer:  Bajaj pressure Cooker 3 litre

5:00 PM Clue: Image
Blockbuster Clue: The Dutch company that lit the world now gives you a window to the world
Answer: Jaya, Phillips TV 22 inch

05:15pm Clue Answer: The Official Bajrangi Bhaijaan Silver Pendant 1.5 Inch

5:30 PM Clue: Evil has risen and the windsons now take a solemn promise to protect us…
Blockbuster Clue: The prestigious kings placed on a glass top are waiting…
Answer: The Oath of the Vayuputras, Prestige Royale Three Brass Burner gt03lp Gas

05:45pm Clue Answer: ROOM HEATER


How to Loot in AMazon App Treasure Contest :

Download App
Stay signed in
Check Homepage of app and go through Rs 1 Contest Page
Read Clues – 2 types easy and hard one (both strange anyway)
Find answer and then search the nAMe related and select product where you can see 100% Off tag in red.
Rush down and click Lightning Deal, and Buy for Re.1.
TaDa ! You got product for Rs 1.
Note : You have 2 t o3 mins to grab the offer. Else waste of time suggested to do your routine work.

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